People v. J.S.

Defendant was charged with First Degree Murder. The prosecution alleged that after having drinks with the victim and several other persons at a party he got into an argument, went into his apartment, retrieved a handgun and shot the victim thereby causing his death. If convicted, the Defendant was facing a minimum of 45 years in prison at 100%.  After a jury trial, defendant was found guilty of Second Degree Murder and sentenced to just 4 years at 50%.   


People v. M.M.

The Chicago Police Department executed a search warrant at my client's apartment recovering five kilograms of cocaine.  After a jury trial, my client was found not guilty of Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver.


People v. C.M.

The client was charged by indictment with three counts of Threatening a Public Official alleging that he threatened to kill Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and her family.  The state's primary witness against my client was an attorney who had represented him on various civil matters.  After a trial, my client was found not guilty of all charges.


People v. A.S.

The client was charged with one count of First Degree Murder and three counts of Attempt First Degree Murder after stabbing four persons, one fatally. The murder weapon was found in his house and the client gave a videotape confession. After a trial, my client was found not guilty of all charges.


People v. R.M.

The client was charged with reckless homicide after allegedly driving his vehicle on the shoulder of a highway at a high rate of speed for several miles.  He eventually drove his vehicle into the rear of a parked truck causing his passenger to be ejected and killed.  We elected to take the case to trial and my client was found not guilty.

People v. A.D.

My client, who was the front passenger in a van, was accused of shooting the driver of another vehicle in the head. He was arrested at the scene with gun shot residue on his hands. The gun was recovered. My client was charged with Attempt First Degree Murder and was looking at more than 30 years in jail. He was found not guilty after a jury trial.

People v. E.S.

The client was charged with First Degree Murder based on a drive by shooting. He provided the police with a confession to being the shooter who fired a hand gun from a moving vehicle at a rival gang member on the street resulting in his death. I filed a motion to suppress the statement and after a hearing the statement was suppressed.  The State eventually dropped the charges as a result of losing this key piece of evidence. Case dismissed.

People v. A.M.

The Defendant was charged with Attempt First Degree Murder based on a drive by shooting. He fired a hand gun into a moving vehicle striking several of the occupants.  I took the case to trial and the client was acquitted of all charges.

United States of America v. H.K.

The client was charged with bribing a public official.  The bribe was contained on audio tape and played for the jury.  Finding of not guilty of Count I for bribery.

People v. J.P.

My client was charged with First Degree Murder based on accountability for a shooting.  He also helped hide the weapon used in the murder.  After a trial he was found not guilty.

People v. E.S.

My client was charged with First Degree Murder accused of firing a gun into a crowded Chicago Transit Authority bus.  After a jury trial, he was found not guilty.

People v. J.P.

Police charged my client with Aggravated Battery of a Police Officer alleging he kicked and spat on several officers after a traffic dispute.  Five officers testified against my client before a jury.  The jury found my client not guilty of all charges.


People v. A.N.
My client was charged with three separate armed robbery cases.  We took all three cases to trial and won  them all.
People v. G.F.
My client was charged with armed robbery after he allegedly entered a tavern with a sawed off shotgun and fired into the ceiling. Five different witnesses identified my client in a line-up.  We went to trial and won.


Keeshan v. Old Goode Things

The 59 year old plantiff was attempting to cross the street in the crosswalk when defendant truck driver made a left hand turn. Defendant did not see the plaintiff and his truck hit plaintiff. Plaintiff suffered a fractured tibia. The case settled for $300,000.


White v. __________, et. al

Plaintiff had a rare medical condition known as factor XIII Hemophilia. After suffering a stroke, he was denied treatment for three days by nurses responsible for his care. Defendants settled for $1,600,000.


Li v. Barbaro Construction Company

A 69 year old man attempting to cross the street on his bicycle was struck by a truck making a left hand turn. The client suffered traumatic brain injury. Settled for $2,500,000.


Wubs v. SRI

Wrongful death, products liability. The driver of a motor scooter was killed when his tire exploded due to bead failure. Settled for $4,000,000.

Palimore v. CHA

Minor plaintiff sell through a plywood board which had been placed over a steam emitting manhole.  The boy suffered burns to his right leg.  The case settled for $1,200,000.

Von Gale v. Sons of Thunder, et. al.

Wrongful death.  Truck collided with an automobile causing the driver's death. Settled for $900,000.

Ramirez v. Madd Anthony's

Nightclub patron was stabbed in his eye outside of the club after a fight broke out inside.  Security moved the participants outside the club and locked the doors. Settled for $729,999.

Townsend v. CHA, et. al.

A stove which had been installed without an anti-tip device was being used to heat an apartment.  The minor child stepped on the open oven door which then tipped over onto her causing burns. Settled for $790,000.

Castenon v. Ribas, et. al.

A jeep struck a pedestrian while he was working at a car wash causing multiple fractures.  Settled for $750,000.

Chen v. Moon Palace Restaurant

A pot of hot tea which had been left on a lazy susan by the wait staff spilled onto a minor child causing burns.  Settled $200,000.


Kruse v. __________, et. al.

A pretrial detainee with chest pains began complaining to the nurses and guards on his tier.  A delay in medical treatment lead to his death due to aortic dissection.  Settled for $350,000.

Embry v. Huertas

Three days after landlord performed repair work on a space heater inside plaintiff's apartment flames shot out of the unit and caused her clothing to ignite. Plaintiff suffered burns.  Settled for $250,000.



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